Traveling 1 Workbook

  • ISBN: 9786075503844
  • Autor: Juan Pablo Monfon Jiménez y Aida Gabriela Villarino Rojo
  • Idioma:
Detalles de libro:
Secundaria Subsistema
A2/A2+ Semestre
2020 Año de publicación
270 x 205 x 6 mm. Dimensiones


The Traveling series is a three-level English language course designed for secondary schools that helps young learners develop the four language skills necessary to successfully communicate in English in real-life situations. These components provide teachers and children with the necesary tools to achieve the international standards according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). Traveling comprises levels A2 to B1+. It stresses the importance of movement and enthusiasm and helps students become aware of the importance of learning a second language, and enjoying it!