Science 2 Physics LD-BL

  • ISBN: 9789682604614
  • Autor: Carlos Gutierrez Aranzeta , Zarzoza Pérez Angélica
  • Idioma:
Detalles de libro:
Secundaria Subsistema
1o. Secundaria Semestre
2023 Año de publicación


Science 2 Physics covers the National Curricula and complies with the number of instructional hours for this subject. The various illustrations, diagrams, photographs, tables, and graphs, as well as the content in this book, support the student¿s understanding of the subject.The constructivist methodology of the books, is based on expected learning outcomes; the different activities, sections, and support links included in this text, maintain this competency-based approach.Science 2 Physics helps students improve their understanding of Physicsas it reinforces grammar and other English language skills. This book allows students to navigate the basic concepts of the subject confidently in both Spanish and English.