English Prime 2 (Workbook)

  • ISBN: 9786075501024
  • Autor: Bertha Emilia Ortega Díaz Y Karina Faride Contreras Laget. Ana Lilia Villegas Pacheco
  • Idioma:
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DGB Subsistema
A1 Semestre
2019 Año de publicación
270 x 210 x 4 mm. Dimensiones


The All Inclusive Series / English Prime is a new method for ELT, based upon blended learning principles and combining the content-based/task-based approach ¿focused on the skills and competencies students actually need and the project-based approach, using specialized activities. This way, every learner can reach his/her academic goals and succeed in the professional workplace. The All Inclusive Series / English Prime is flexible and dynamic, so it provides not only the typical 48 hours of core teaching material, but it can be extended up to 120 hours or more. The learning solution is the All Inclusive Series / English Prime.