English 1

  • ISBN: 9786077441069
  • Autor: Paula Flores Kastanis , Katherine Urquijo Flores
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DGETI Subsistema
1o.Semestre Bachillerato Semestre
2015 Año de publicación
270 x 210 x 9 mm. Dimensiones


Contenido: Unit 1 My information: Lesson 1. Greetings and introducing yourself; Lesson 2. Introduce others; Lesson 3. Meeting people; Lesson 4; My family; Lesson 5. What do you do?; Lesson 6. My school and my home; Unit 2 My surroundings: Lesson 1. My city: Asking and giving information about places; Lesson 2. Giving and following instructions-directions; Lesson 3. What are you doing?; Lesson 4 My house; Lesson 5. Shopping at the supermarket; Lesson 6. Shopping at the mall; Unit 3 My activities: Lesson 1. Daily routine. What do you do every day?; Lesson 2. What do you do during the week; Lesson 3. Abilities and skills; Lesson 4. Likes and dislikes; Vocabulary; Lottery.